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In Court References for and by Attorneys: A simple web app for your phone. Just type into your mobile browser, and go. The In Court app contains collections of mobile-friendly materials found useful by contributors to the incourt repository on GitHub.
Case and Docket Management

WeJudicate is a proposed open source open-API project aimed at creating two parallel and complementary software solutions for the courts and attorneys--a case management system for use by legal practitioners and an electronic docketing system for use by the courts. The idea took hold while I was working on the Navajo Nation providing legal aid. The prior summer, I had interned with the Navy JAG in DC... more + 

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Attorneys & Clients

Attorneys should have access to affordable case management systems capable of performing conflict checks, tracking hours, managing cases, prioritizing tasks and managing calendars. Unfortunately, solo practitioners and legal aid organizations often lack such resources due to cost constraints. Sophisticated case management systems exist for biglaw, but for the most part... more + 

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Court systems should be able to accept secure electronic filing and the public should have access to public records without the needs for expensive proprietary contracts between courts and private vendors. In the Federal courts an electronic system exists in the form of PACER. However, the PACER model predicates access on payments per "page." An arrangement that is seen by some as an... more + 

GitHub Repository (someday)
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